A downloadable game

Separated: The Prototype was the first game I have created in Unity using Zbrush and Maya.  I would start all large objects in Zbrush with Dynamesh, import them to Maya, style them accordingly, segment the large game props and export them to Unity.  All large scale props are made by myself.  The smaller props: torches, trees and rocks and terrain mesh were a part of an asset package called PolyWorld.  I used this because there just was not time to build all the prefabs I needed by hand.  

During my time with this game I focused on learning the in's and out's of Unity's UI, C# and basic game mechanics such as:

  • How do I import a character I created, skinned and animated in Maya to Unity (properly)
  • Let me now make a character controller that took me 2 months of research and learning! 
  • Now I want all the game mechanics like: 
    • Running
    • Jumping
    • Climbing a wall (that was fun to learn (PS: there is no animation for it, because time...))
    • Climbing a ladder
    • Fall damage
    • Damage in general
    • UI and HuD setup
    • Text on the screen via PopUp text and hovering text
    • Reading
    • Camera setup
    • Ground detection, because I learned very quickly that the character controller detection is not ideal


At what I considered the games end, because well, I just cant work on this game any longer alone, is a cave and a cav (you'll see what I mean).  Once you enter the cave, which is the point of the game I suppose, you will need to collect the last key.  

I hope you like it! 

Feel free to reach out - I am available for Freelance work!


Separated Exe.7z 62 MB